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Updated: Feb 29

I will start right here.

Everything that you desire to do, God will raise you up in it and affirm you. It was on the worst day of my business life, I was tired exhausted and basically worn out from serving in my business, speaking to women everyday and solving problems while selling Makeup.

As I closed the shop, the idea of tearing the sign off the door was very prominent in my mind. However, I didn't. I arrived home tired and basically not able to anything but head to my bedroom to sleep.

I noticed the mail and upon opening it, I saw an Invitation from the Government inviting me to be Honored in Buckingham Palace, a Royal Honor of MBE.

It was worth it after all, i gasped in my heart. God had provided me the much needed affirmation as I was considering closing my business because I was just so tired.

A single mumpreneur but lonely and not sure of what lied ahead. God did it, He opened up my heart and SAW me. This led to more honors from Roehampton University and Excel University, this changed the trajectory of my life.

I felt like Esther. You see the preceding events that led to the Buckingham Palace invitation, was one where I had studied my business and observed every trend that grew or hindered progress and to my surprise. When HRH King Edward III (then Prince) approached me and asked me counsel about Business, I had no idea this would put me ahead of my peers and position me as an authority in my field and confirmed Thought Leader.

HRH Queen Elizabeth III included me in her Birthday Honors list to attend Buckingham Palace for my Investiture.

God will take your life and make it whole. God will enable you to achieve things you never thought you would do. God will show you who you are and give you the ability to walk in your calling, even if you didn't know what your calling was.

My humble name Tracy Johnson was changed through serving the Lord, Dr Tracy Yana Johnson MBE. I share these images because I now it will encourage someone who has never heard my story. I am an individual who was often unsure, introverted and misunderstood.

God understands you and he will whisper purpose and destiny into your life and bring you to greatness. Listen to Him, Do exactly what He says and get healing and deliverance so that past traumas cannot hold you back from what you are called to do.

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