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The 'Royal Business Angel'

I recently saw a post on Facebook that resonated with me very deeply. It spoke about identity.

It's amazing that the people to whom many gifts come naturally are often the very ones who appear t get the memo last!

In all transparency, I have always found myself in positions of pioneering, or in the group of the 1st.

At first it was like a coincidence and then it became obvious, this is not going away. When I look back on this photograph, the day I received my MBE Honors from Buckingham Palace. It became obvious that this is my walk. At the time I was one of the first to receive this Award and as a young person it created a social storm as this was thought of as a legacy

I have been seen and heard in spaces of that of a trailblazer. Pioneering the UKs 1st Black owned Makeup Yana Cosmetics. A historical contribution and legacy. I get it now, but that has been a very natural thing to do.

I recently heard God say audibly to me, "You are my Royal Business Angel'!, I asked for clarification and He said, Royal for your MBE, You are gifted in Business like Joseph and you love to Worship with the Angels. So there we have it.

The complete identity. I am a Royal Business Angel! Ask God about your identity, your hidden gifts and put it to the test. If it comes naturally and you can see the fruitfulness of it, then it could well be, your calling!

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