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Worshipping in Spain Live on TV 2014

Updated: Mar 6

This was the most amazing opportunity to sing live with Coro Gospel Living Water a 100 people choir in Spain. It was Christmas Day and when they announced that we would be live on TV, i was very nervous especially as I was leading.

As A worshipper God will be glorified when you are able to minister in and out of season. We later that day went to the BBC equivalent and was live on radio. I always rose to the challenge and did my best, However, sometimes because I was so nervous, I would forget the odd lyric. It still happens now but God also gives un an achilles heel to work on which keeps us humble.

If you have ever dreamed or desired to worship God publicly or have previously turned down the opportunity, consider who would be blessed by your ministry. There are no special requirements. All you will need to do is have practiced and perfected your craft and be willing.

Give your best and Worship in spirit and truth and God will surely make an impact to those who will be drawn to Him.

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