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About Dr Yana

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Dr Yana

A born pioneer from the UK, as The 1st Black owned Makeup Company in the UK  'Yana International' Dr Yana then went on to host the 1st large scale Prophetic Conference in the UK, in 2016 with 10 Apostles and Prophets attending from the US and over 350 attendees. My mission is to guide those who have faced personal and professional adversity  through a transformative journey of renewal so tha they can Thrive. 

My commitment is to inspire and equip others to reposition themselves, offering a unique blend of teaching, mentorship, and practical strategies. I am dedicated to unlocking the latent potential within each individual,  navigating the path to your true potential in what you are designed to do.

With over 20 years of pioneering Business excellence, Honored by HRH King Edward at Buckingham Palace, Two Honorary Doctorates from Roehampton Business School, LLD and Excel University DMin as well as 5 Business Awards and positioned as a Peace Ambassador for the UN, everything she pours into you not only equips but enhances your abilities.

Apostolic Ministry training, mentorship, accountability and alignment from Apostle Marie Berbick Ministries, NY, Rev Sonia Weekes, Diamond Edge Ministries UK and Apostle Rosemarie Allen, Florida.  Ordained by Apostle Karen Dixson, Evangelical Christian Church New York.  Sending Apostles Rob and Connie Meyer, The Carpenter Shop, 8 Days Ablaze, New Jersey.  Affirmed in various Corporate congregational settings by Apostle Michael Bacon: Apostle Chris Johnson: Apostle James Duncan: rophet Torrey Marcel Harper: The HOLY SPIRIT.

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