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The 5 German Girls who came to Christ

When I look at this picture, it reminds me so much of the Glory of God as a tangible thing in my life. Its because Jesus is actually Alive for those who think he just died on a Cross. He actually Arose from the dead and His spirit moves in our lives as the Holy Spirit.

I was an International student host to young people from all over the world, who would come to stay at my house in London.

They would bring gifts and cultural items with them and I would celebrate them and their culture while they were my guests. It was a great time as the spirit of God often moved in my house, healing them or convicting them without my intervention.

The atmosphere in my house was almost worship and no defilement or defiled objects. One night my daughter had a very bad nightmare and I knew instantly that it was connected to something that must be in the environment.

I proceeded to ask the girls if they had anything with them that could potentially be the cause. Bearing in mind that guests brought their cultures and religions with them when they attended my house. For the duration of their stay, my job was just to love them, cook for them and enjoy the differences of their lives to mine.

I was always sad to see them leave, I love people from everyplace in the world, we are more alike than different and I believe this has been a blessing to me because I cannot very easily with anyone.

One of the girls pulled out a majic DVD with the face of a very demonic man on the front. I showed it to my daughter and asked her if this was what she saw and she said yes. The video was actually a portal into my house. I asked the girl if we could throw it out and she agreed.

I began to teach them about demonic items and at that point the Brown girl began to cry, she said her grandmother always told her this. Earlier that day I had collected some tracts which is something I rarely do because I can easily connect I am able to just talk and get to Jesus in conversation.

As I began to talk to the girls, I was actually standing in my living room with washing up gloves on because after we threw out the video I went to do my chores while the girls had fun bunking in their sleeping bags on the soft carpet for fun.

I began to move my conversation to Jesus and without even planning it I said who wants to receive Jesus as their Saviour to my delight every girl raised their hand and accepted the Lord. We prayed the prayer renouncing SIN and I had a tract for each of them, whats even more surprising is that each tract was relevant to each girl.

I had never done this before, and I was stunned at not only what God had done that day but that he used me. I had no training, I had no pre idea of what I was supposed to do or an agenda. I simply had love for those girls and once I receive just one confirmation that witnessed to my spirit, I took a bold step to ask.

God doesn't need us perfect, He doesn't need us ordained, He doesn't even need us versed. To begin with all he needs is our broken hearts and willingness to know and serve Him. The rest comes as we grow and mature. He will test us in the small things first and see how our loyalty lies.

The walk with God is a relationship just like areal friend and when you get to know Him, your life will be transformed forever and you will have impact wherever you go. Taking an Assessment with me will reveal your Character and spiritual makeup and true identity and will help you to walk with confidence in your design. God died for you which means you are definately worth it!

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