Leadership Assessment

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Download and complete the leadership assessment and email  back for your spiritual character and identity map.

You will receive a 30 min mentoring session outlying your prophetic gifting and guideline to your leadership future based on your character identity.

The assessment will identify from your own answers where you have hidden potentials and where your strengths lie but also where they may be hinderances in your life.


The Leadership Assessment is designed to bring much hidden strengths to the forefront.

In this dynamic session we identify patterns that have limited your growth and hindered your thinking.  We identify blockages from negative thinking to historical issues in your emotions and precepts within you.

You will receive an Hours Coaching session outlying your core strengths and leadership capacity.

The Leadership Assessment will identify where you have hidden potentials and where your strengths are. We also identify where they may be hinderances in your life.  During the Coaching session we will strategically work to remove blockages, mindset thinking and refresh your outlook to start, continue or grow in your life.

This session is important for Leaders, individuals who want to identify their strengths or may not realize the potential that lies within them.  It is for Entrepreneurs, Ministers and young people.  It is a life giving session that opens you up to your DNA’s design.

1 review for Leadership Assessment

  1. Sylvia

    Very accurate
    The mentoring excellent. I came alive after knowing who I am. Why I am here and what I need to do to move forward.

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