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Unlock your potential today!

Reach new heights with your business with high impact business coaching.

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Dr Yana Johnson

Entrepreneur, coach, author & keynote speaker.

Unlock your true potential and Thrive

Meet Dr. Yana, the renowned breakthrough coach who has made a significant impact in the marketplace.


With unmatched passion and expertise, Dr. Yana is committed to serving businesses and ambitious individuals, empowering them to achieve success in their Destinies. As a Coach and Consultant, Dr. Yana inspires individuals to overcome life's obstacles and unlock their true potential in ministry and the marketplace.

"Dr. Yana helped me identify my strengths and passions, and develop a plan to achieve goals"

S. Weeks, London

"My confidence came back and I am now in a leadership position"

Pastor Peters, New York

"Dr. Yana's insights and advice have been invaluable"

R Samuels, Texas

Coaching services tailored to you

With over 30+ businesses helped this year, view our coaching and consultancy services, tailored advice and strategies to help businesses improve their performance and achieve their goals.

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