• Consultancy

    Being a consultant means that I get to hear ideas, experience many different situation and see things from many perspectives.  Thats what the team at Millennial offer you.  20 years of beauty industry know-how from concept to launch, from Lipstick to Beauty Boxes and Service retail brands. Contact me for

  • Friendship

    Love comes in many forms and over the centuries has been expressed in Art, Music, Poetry, Fashion and countless other ways. There is no doubt that the best way love can be expressed, given and received is through a 1-2-1 connection.  Falling in love, being in love and being loving

  • Thorns

    As A Christian marketplace minister.  My role is to take the Love of God into the world, into business and everywhere I am called.  To impact the broken people in leadership and those who are called to influence, but because of their own hurts only influence negatively.  I have attended

  • Whats in your hand

    So you want to start a business, write a book, start a dance class or musical instrument, maybe become an entrepreneur?  Whats in your hand? There are some people who, because of negative thoughts and actions that have been spoken over them have believed the lies and have been hindered

  • A Walk in the Park

    One of the things I miss most about living in London is that no matter what season presents itself, you can always take a break and find a park to go for a walk. We often take on too much during our working week and juggle many hats and cram

  • Beauty solutions for Brown Skin

    Dr Yana Johnson MBE, awarded and MBE for services to the Black Cosmetics industry in the UK for Pioneering the UK’s 1st Black makeup brand, which went on to attract awards for Global Women’s Inventor Innovator and European Federation of Black Women Business Owners, is paving the way for new

  • Water

    It is very easy for us to plant a seed of hope into the ground of our desires and completely forget that, everything planted. A Seed, a thought, an intention once watered will yield a harvest. The Bible says do not despise humble beginnings (Zec 4:10), do not get weary

  • Influence

    The Global Women Inventor Innovators have awarded me an Lifetime achievement award and after a long career empowering and inspiring other women in business and this who love good makeup products, it was a privilege to receive it.  I have lived and experienced so much that I am now in