Beauty solutions for Brown Skin

Dr Yana Johnson MBE, awarded and MBE for services to the Black Cosmetics industry in the UK for Pioneering the UK’s 1st Black makeup brand, which went on to attract awards for Global Women’s Inventor Innovator and European Federation of Black Women Business Owners, is paving the way for new brands, Cosmetics incubator business service as well as two ready to grab of the shelf brands, and a skincare brand for all men, clean-shaven or bearded.

I believe the the market is growing and the Black community do not need to complain about what we don’t have, we need to be the solution to our own problems.  In fact no one understands a culture better than those who are of it.

Starting a brand ahead of its time, creating an App and website long before there were any other brands in that space was challenging but fun.  Now there has been so many changes in the beauty industry.  It is still necessary to unite and see positive healthy affordable changes across the global market for solutions for the Brown skinned beauty market in skincare, cosmetic makeup, Haircare and Fashion. is a professional consultancy service with a track record of over 20 years of expertise and pioneering into the beauty market.  So click on a link and discover a solution for your Brown skin need, created by us for us.

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Dr Yana Johnson MBE is a Christian Empowerment & Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur as well as a Consultant and coach working in London, New York, Texas and Atlanta

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