Whats in your hand

So you want to start a business, write a book, start a dance class or musical instrument, maybe become an entrepreneur?  Whats in your hand?

There are some people who, because of negative thoughts and actions that have been spoken over them have believed the lies and have been hindered in their thinking thus covering up the greatness within.

Even though not everyone is gifted in areas of creative arts, we each have been born with the ability to tap into our inner being and discover something inside of us that is so special and unique, it can be a blessing to someone else.

What do those who love you say about you? How you your friends describe you? What do you notice happen around you?  There is an innate gift or ability inside of you that only you can do.  It is amazing when it becomes obvious because you may have known or seen traits of it throughout your life, but never quite put your finger on it.  You may even have walked away from it.  But take a moment to remember, to activate the thoughts and memories of what makes others smile and what makes you fuzzy on the inside.  Thats an important key to where you need to be to find your happiness.

Where your heart is there your treasure lies also.


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Dr Yana Johnson MBE is a Christian Empowerment & Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur as well as a Consultant and Coach working in London, New York, Texas and Atlanta

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