Not many have addressed the chief of London City Police with a song prior to delivering a speech. The Chief quoted, ‘I had goose pimples’.  Dr Yana is passionate about empowerment for all people.  Her Talks and speeches, ignite desire to achieve ones best and achieve their potential.  Yana shares from her journey of a ‘Joseph’ pit experience that led her straight to the Palace.  Awarded MBE at Buckingham Palace despite the uphill struggle to know her true identity and walk in it!

‘I believe that I was called to be a light’, an example to all!’  quotes Yana 

Having addressed many audiences in the sectors of business, creative, young people, faith groups, womens empowerment at conferences and Seminars around the globe and at Trade exhibitions as an industry expert Dr Yana Johnson brings valuable insight and strategic vision and a creative flair to the audience leaving them feeling inspired and encouraged.

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