You can have YOUR OWN Make up line


I am on purpose to Lead, Inspire and Empower others!


Recognized by HRH Queen of England for services to cosmetics and with 20 years of experience, my expertise will Fast track you to having YOUR OWN branded makeup line.

With an affordable entry into the marketplace, I support you with Sales & marketing, Social Media, Creative brand design and Mentoring options.  This is a unique opportunity to get started with  YOUR OWN Makeup line, with YOUR brand logo on it.


Step 1 - Create your line

Step 2 - Select your product colors

Step 3 - Choose your packaging

Step 4 - Design your logo

Step 5 - Place your order

Step 6 - Plan your launch, sell and celebrate your new brand

Step 7 - Grown your audience and influence your market with your brand



Recognition and awards received from the organisations