It is very easy for us to plant a seed of hope into the ground of our desires and completely forget that, everything planted. A Seed, a thought, an intention once watered will yield a harvest.

The Bible says do not despise humble beginnings (Zec 4:10), do not get weary or inpatient with the task at hand. Stay focused and do not be frustrated by however long it takes for the fruits of the labour of the sowing of that seed to be visible.

Whats interesting is that when you are waiting for something to happen, it usually happens when you are about to give up. Just as long as it take to see the shoots of a plant emerge from the ground or for a habit to break or even a new decision to begin to bring different results, in all of these things, we must learn to water it.

Anything sown needs the right environment to grow and thrive, too much water and it is suffocated, too little and it starves. The same with the PH balance and frequency of the atmosphere available.

Water as a drink is not only the purest form of hydration for the body, hair and skin, but also the internal workings that cannot be seen with a naked eye. So it is with the vision. Your seed be it physical or a simple desire. Needs you to water it with thoughts, prayers and confidence that it will grow and flourish.

So next time you take a sip of water, remember that which you have planted that needs watering too. Pretty soon you will have your harvest and it will have been well worth the wait.

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Dr Yana Johnson MBE is a Christian Empowerment & Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur as well as a Consultant and coach working in London, New York, Texas and Atlanta

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