Not many have addressed the chief of London City Police with a song prior to delivering a speech.

The Chief quoted, ‘I had goose pimples’.  Dr Yana is passionate about empowerment for all people.  Her Talks and speeches, ignite desire to achieve ones best and achieve success from within as the source of happiness.  Her life’s journey has equipped her to address Men, Women, Single parents, professionals, Creatives, Academics and Faith and Diversity groups.

‘I believe that I was called to be a light’, quotes Yana an example to all, that if I can do it, then so can you.

Having addressed the Princes Trust ‘Team 57’, spoken on behalf of the Mayor of Wandsworth, Addressed Graduates at Kings College London and MOIEE during Enterprise week, as well as delivering workshops to youth groups, and entreprenuers and as keynote speaker at Women’s conferences, Business Seminars and Trade exhibitions as an industry expert.

Yana was one of the A list panel members, a ‘sell out’ event, ‘Winners!’ at the British Library .