Dr Yana Johnson MBE

Dr Yana is a Christian Empowerment speaker, Author and Mentor, recently launching her mandate of IM.POW.ERED Life, via conferences, Workshops and social media. Her recent book, As A Woman Thinketh, educates, empowers and motivates the reader to empowerment.

Dr Yana, was honored by the Queen of England for pioneering the 1st Black owned cosmetics line in the UK,  7 awards for Business including Black Enterprise.  Dr Yana serves on the board of Christian organizations and is a certified Entrepreneurial Mentor.

Dr Yana, is a passionate Empowerment Speaker,  Mentor and Social entrepreneur.  Passionate about Ministry, Missions and the Marketplace, Dr Yana Opens doors and thrives in empowering others and equipping them to succeed in the areas of life that they have been sent to, whether its family, business or ministry.